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Time For Some Shakespeare Fun…Finals Edition!

What I tell everyone about my study methods...and how they look when I say it.

What I tell everyone about my study methods…and how they look when I say it.

Well, here it is, the week before finals (at least at my college), and both undergrads and grad students like myself have dealt with their fair share of headaches, tears, deadlines suddenly looming closer than expected, and making the once-per-semester pilgrimage to the campus library.

Sometimes, this is a time for varying degrees of self-reflection. The sentiments usually range from “Wow, I actually survived! I am awesome!” to “And next semester I get to acclimate all over again~eyuck,” to “Why did I take so many classes? I should have dropped (insert class name here) when I had the chance.” All of this generally can happen in the space of 5 minutes to an hour.

However, these reflections do not get any work done, and can manage to kill any motivation to get said projects done if allowed to run unchecked.

On the other hand, everyone needs breaks…right?

So, in honor of Finals Week (Yes I’m putting it in caps, with the stress and the importance I place on grades, it qualifies as Important) I have put together something of a mini-distractify set of Shakespeare quizzes (at least they’re focusing on culture? Hey, valuable research material could be lurking in these!).

Go forth, enjoy, and go back to any studying you need to do refreshed and enlightened! I’ll be sharing my results in-post, and I’d love to hear what you got in the comments box!

BUZZFEED: Which Character From Shakespeare Are You? I got: Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing

BBC America: Which Shakespearean Tragedy Art Thou? I got: Romeo and Juliet

BBC America: Which Shakespearean Schemer Are You? I got: Oh dear, You’re a bit of a Lady MacBeth Which Shakespearean Monologue Are You? I got: Jaques- All the World’s a Stage- As You Like It Shakespeare’s Characters (match the character to the play) I got: 92%

The Guardian: Match the Setting to the Play I got: 8/10

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